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Tax Strategies

All Strategies are Court Tested and IRS Approved per the tax code

Our Proactive tax planning will

  1. Identify the tax mistakes and missed opportunities you have made in the past that will cost you thousands in wasted tax dollars every year.
  2. Create a personalized tax strategy to correct those issues; and
  3. Identify the solutions to implement every tax break allowed by law to reduce your tax liability to the legal minimum.

At TAX ROOF, LLC we specialize in finding deductions, credits, loopholes, and create personalize Tax Planning Strategies to help you pay less tax.




  • For Real Estate Investors and Business Owners
  • Own 1 or less properties and 1 or less businesses.
  • Future real estate investors and business owners-
  • Any individual or independent contractor just beginning (or thinking about beginning) your business or real estate investing.


Your early goals are:

1. Saving money

2. Creating after-tax cash to help fund your real estate investments/business capital for expansion

3. Monitoring your Blended Tax Rate (total tax paid divided by total taxable income).

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  • For Real Estate Investors and Business Owners
  • Own 1 or less properties and 1 or less businesses.
  • Have either started investing in real estate or has already started their own business(es)
  • The Middle Stages cover the widest range, depending on how long you’ve been going and how much your business and/or investments have grown.

In the Middle Stages strategy, your TAX ROOF advisor will help you:

1. Save with pre-tax money

2. Invest with pre-tax money

3.  Find income tax loopholes to increase your take home income

4. Plan for alternative minimum tax (AMT) as your income grows

5. Identify and get rid of non or under-performing investments

6. Identify upcoming tax law changes and adjust your Proactive Tax Strategy accordingly

7. Understand where you have no investment control and how to shift investment strategies to things you CAN control

8. Protect your growing wealth and asset base with proper business structures and other asset protection measures.

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  • This is for Business Owners who have multiple businesses and/or
  • Real Estate Investors with more than 2  properties.
  • At this level there are multiple opportunities for tax planning through structuring how you hold your investments.
  • These Strategies includes planning on more than one level by looking at each business/real estate investment for opportunities to shift income and lower your tax bracket.

Here's what you and your TAX ROOF advisor will be focused on in this level:

1. Increase wealth without increasing tax rate

2. Plan for unrealized gains to select the best tax rate

3. Pension and Retirement Investing

4. Legally circumvent income tax/AMT system

5. Establish intelligent financial controls

6. Implement strong asset protection features

7. Short and long-term focus.


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