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At TAX ROOF we are committed to deliver exceptional value to our clients!

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Tax Brackets Reduction Strategies

Tax Reduction Strategies for Individuals and Businesses!

Our Products and Services will show you how to “Write-off Deductions” and Slash your Tax Bill!

1. Tax Tips for Investors

2. Tax Tips for Retirement Accounts

3. Tax Tips for Real Estate Investors and Homeowners

4. Tax Tips for Education Expenses

5. Tax Tips for Families

6. Estate and Gift Tax Tips

7. Tax Tips for Business Owners and Independent Contractors.


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At TAX ROOF we are committed to deliver exceptional value to our clients!

Our Services includes:

  1. Strategy Products for both Individuals and Businesses
  2. Personalized Strategy Plans
  3. Strategic Consulting and Planning
  4. Monitoring and Maintenance
  5. Business Solutions

Get the absolute latest breaking year-end tax developments!

Discover and Learn the Secrets on reducing taxes through effective planning.  We provide the most current updates on key tax issues affecting clients. You receive ”real-world solutions” to real-world problems.

Tax tips for theses topic plus many more!

Topics include:

1.The  American Taxpayer Relief Act

2.Expiring 2013 provisions

3.Health Care changes that effect employers

4.EE vs. Independent Contractors

5.Tax planning strategies

6.3.8% Medicare tax

7.Health Care individual mandate

8.Expanded Work Opportunity Credit

9.New equipment regulations

10.Passive activities

11.Preparers and latest IRS matters

12.Theft loss

13.Medical expenses

14.Reasonable Compensation

15.Section 100 – New ruling

16.Same sex couples

17.Home office

18.S corp matters

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At TAX ROOF, LLC we use the tax code and IRS approved strategies to assist other individuals, new business owners, existing businesses, real estate investors, and independent professionals to make the tax laws work for them.

At TAX ROOF; Quality, Integrity, and Personalized Service are our core values. TAX ROOF, is an environmentally conscious family owned firm based online.

We are a year-round tax advisory company, specializing in developing customized proactive Tax Strategies for your Family, Business and Investments..

We provide Exclusive, Personalized, Guaranteed Solutions to each client.

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